The Centurion Fund

We are the RAF Regiment’s charity.

The fund is charged with the care and maintenance of the Corps’ name, traditions and history, fostering esprit-de-corps and comradeship amongst members and former members of the RAF Regiment.

It exists to commemorate and remember those who have lost their lives or suffered injury or put themselves at risk of loss of life or injury during their time in the Service.

Our vision is to be charity of choice for the Corps and, as your dedicated charity, we can support you in your endeavours but to do that, we need your continued support by considering the Centurion Fund when raising money or organising events.

We are here to support you whether RAF Regiment Gunner or Officer, Regular, Reserve or Veteran, The Centurion Fund is your charity.

The whole event was made possible due to the contributions from The Centurion Fund.

In May 2018 the Centurion Fund ceased all subscriptions with the Centurion Journal by cancelling all members direct debits. At this point the Centurion Fund moved from a select subscription-based membership organisation to a membership that comprises of:

All regular serving RAF Regiment personnel.

All reserve RAF Regiment personnel.

All RAF Regiment veterans.

The Need for the Centurion Fund.

What is the need? To mitigate personal expense or cover the shortfall in support from public money sources within Defence.

Who will benefit? The RAF Regiment as an organisation and all members of the RAF Regiment past and present.

How will they benefit? The provision of financial support to contribute towards activities and events that fall or take place outside of military operations, training and enhance the reputation of the Corps.

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