CMG Memorial & Commemorative Stones

The Corps Memorial Garden’s (CMG) new block paving in late-2009 enabled the establishment of individual and personalised Memorial and Commemorative Stones in the pathway. The Stones may be ordered by anyone who may wish to commemorate a bona fide Corps individual, unit or event. The Stones are manufactured in honed light grey granite with black lettering and are available in several distinct styles. Badges and characters will be depicted in black.

Information regarding these Stones is contained in the flyer below.

Reserved Placements

As an additional service, it is now possible to reserve a place – anonymously – in the CMG, perhaps with a family member, within a group of former friends or colleagues, or with a particular unit commemorative grouping. A Certificate of Reservation will be issued to each customer, which will reflect the person in whose name the place is being reserved or the consignor.

Information regarding this service is contained in the flyer below.