Gizzits – Defence Engagement

Gizzits – Defence Engagement

We’ve all been there, an Exercise or Operation with International Colleagues, it is the end of your time together and you’ve forged bonds and relationships you wish to keep long into the future.

At that moment of saying goodbye over a drink or at a ceremony you are showered in gizzits and gifts for the tea bar wall, your desk in the office or WC..! You scramble around embarrassed wondering what to do as you have nothing to respectfully give back. Within a second or two you blanking plate is ripped from your arm with the RAF TRF and any badge the CWO allows you to affix and hope that this is enough….!


The Centurion Fund has come to your rescue and purchased as stock of quality Defence Engagement Challenge Coins for you to take with you on such an occasion.

Before you go, add them to your packing list by e-mailing: