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The Centurion Fund Shop is the perfect place to come whether its for personal items, family presents or leaving gifts. Here you can view all the Centurion Fund stock and order by sending an email to the Enterprise team.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

The Centurion Fund is proud to offer you the chance to purchase one of 75 limited edition prints from the original oil painting, individually signed and numbered by the artist, Stuart Brown.

The print is a portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Air Commodore in Chief of the Royal Air Force Regiment, commissioned to mark the 75th anniversary of the formation of the Royal Air Force Regiment. The painting shows The Queen in the White Drawing Room at Windsor Castle.

Her Majesty is wearing a brooch presented to her by the Royal Air Force Regiment, which shows the Astral Crown and crossed Lee Enfield rifles.

All profits will go to the Centurion Fund.

Price: £60 (for an unframed print including postage and packaging)

Contact – Hon-centurionfundsales@mod.gov.uk

In Every Place

The RAF Armoured Cars in the Middle East 1921 – 1953.

A fascinating and compelling account of over 30 years of distinguished service by the Royal Air Force Armoured Cars operating in Iraq, Jordan, Syria, Palestine, Aden, Egypt, Libya and Tunisia. Drawing on official records, personal diaries, letters and reminiscences, as well as the Author’s interviews with officers and airmen who served on the Royal Air Force Armoured Cars.

The excellent book by Nigel W.M. Warwick has been reduced further and is now available for £20.00 plus P&P from the RAF Regiment Heritage Centre Shop – http://www.rafregimentheritagecentre.co.uk/shop.

Or contact – Hon-centurionfundsales@mod.gov.uk

Air Power Enabled

The picture by Stuart Brown depicts a post-action event on Operation HERRICK, the UK’s contribution to the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force’s combat operations in Afghanistan, which took place during the period 2002-14. A degree of artistic license has been exercised to reflect the wide range of vehicles and equipment used in the Theatre over the 12-year period, but all those who fought in the campaign will be able to identify with the image and events on the ground. With a brief description of the Campaign.

Image size 60.5 x 35.0 cms. Limited Edition of 250 prints. Price: £70.00.

Contact – Hon-centurionfundsales@mod.gov.uk

Habbaniya – 2 May 1941

The picture by Stuart Brown records the action on 2 May 1941 when, under effective fire from an Iraqi brigade of some 9,000 men on the plateau overlooking the besieged RAF station at Habbaniya, three Rolls-Royce armoured cars of No 1 Armoured Car Company RAF recovered the ground crew and pilot of a Wellington bomber after being hit by anti-aircraft fire while on a bombing run over the Iraqi positions. As a result of the RAF Armoured Car Company’s action, the Iraqi forces were deterred from taking the airfield and failed to capitalise on their numerical advantage; the siege of RAF Habbaniya effectively ended that day. With a brief description of the action.

Image Size: 57.5 x 36.5 cms. Limited Edition of 250 prints. Price: £55.00.

Contact – Hon-centurionfundsales@mod.gov.uk

The Queen’s Colours

The picture by Stuart Brown depicts the event when Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, presented the Royal Air Force and the Royal Air Force Regiment with their new Queen’s Colours during the Royal Air Force’s 90th Anniversary Parade at RAF Fairford in 2008. On parade as the Escort Squadrons are The Queen’s Colour Squadron (No 63 Squadron RAF Regiment) and No 34 Squadron RAF Regiment. The key Corps members involved can be easily identified. With a brief description of the event.

Image Size: 68.0 x 47.0 cms. Limited Edition of 350 prints. Price: £55.00.

Contact – Hon-centurionfundsales@mod.gov.uk

Al Waki

The picture by Stuart Brown depicts the furious firefight that occurred in the Al Waki Market in Basrah, Iraq, in August 2007, in which a Flight of No1 Squadron RAF Regiment was engaged by some 50 Iraqi insurgents. The two-hour ‘contact’ left at least 16 insurgents dead, but the price was high as Senior Aircraftman Martin Beard, the Section light-Machine Gunner, was killed in action while providing covering fire for his comrades. His Section Commander, Corporal David Hayden, evacuated Beard over 200m – all under withering enemy fire – but he had been fatally wounded. Corporal Hayden received the Military Cross – the first ever awarded to an RAF airman. With brief account of the action.

Image Size: 61.5 x 38.0 cms. Limited Edition of 450 prints. Price: £40.00.

Contact – Hon-centurionfundsales@mod.gov.uk

Habbaniya – 2 May 1941 (Greyscale)

The picture by Stuart Brown is a greyscale sketch version of the oil painting lithograph shown above, and was the Artist’s preliminary work for the original. The print, printed on 350gsm art board, measures 405mm x 304mm and is designed to fit a ready-made 30.5cms x 40.5cms (12in x 16in) frame. This picture is sized and priced ideally as a farewell or commemorative presentation item. With brief description of the action.

Image size: 32.4cms x 20.5cms. Limited Edition of 200 prints. Limited Stock. Unframed Price: £15.00. Framed price: £35.00 + Postage & Packing.

Currently sold out, the page will be updated when more stock arrives.

Contact – Hon-centurionfundsales@mod.gov.uk

Two-One Delta – Airfield Secure

The picture by David Rowlands was Commissioned to commemorate the Corps’ 60th Anniversary in 2002, the picture shows deployed RAF Regiment Field and Rapier short-range air defence capabilities deployed during the Iraq Wars of the 1990s and is a general overview of the Corps based in a desert location. Stocks of this picture are very limited and sales are thus subject to availability. Priced ideally as a farewell or commemorative presentation item.

Free copy provided with any purchase of two other full-size prints, while stocks last. Price: £15.00.

Contact – Hon-centurionfundsales@mod.gov.uk

RAF Regiment Jewellery

The Centurion Fund Shop offers unique sets of RAF Regiment-themed Jewellery in the shape of Blazer Buttons, Cufflinks and Hallmarked Gold or Sterling Silver Brooches. Manufactured exclusively for the Corps, the Buttons and Cufflinks are made by none other than the Queen’s Jeweller – G Collins & Sons.

The Buttons are known as ‘Dead Gilt & Burnished’, which means they are gilded in a matt finish and the highlights are then polished by hand to give a bright polished finish; hence there are two differing contrasts on the button. Price: £79.50.

The Cufflinks are hard gold-plated on Sterling Silver and are similar to the smaller cuff buttons, with a T-bar fastening. Price: £68.00.

The Brooches, made by Hebridean Jewellery, are in Hallmarked 9ct Yellow Gold or Sterling Silver, and depict the RAF Regiment badge centre-piece of the Crossed-Rifles and Adastral Crown. The rifles are approximately 30mm in length. Price: Please contact the Enterprise team for a current price for the Brooches before ordering.

Contact – Hon-centurionfundsales@mod.gov.uk

RAF Regiment Crests

The Centurion Fund Shop offers a number of small and medium framed embroidered crests, these are ideal leaving gifts or for engagement opportunities.

They come framed with an inscription window to add your own wording to suit the occasion.

Crests can be tailor made if you can provide a high-quality image (JPEG) of the crest you would like embroidered. Please allow 6 – 8 weeks for delivery.

Crests available include RAF Honington, the RAF Regiment Crossed Rifles and all currents squadrons.

Price: Small crest – £35. Medium crest – £45.

Contact – Hon-centurionfundsales@mod.gov.uk

The RAF Regiment at War 1942-1946

Born out of necessity in the dark days of the War, the RAF Regiment found itself in the thick of the action supporting the vital operations in all theatres. This comprehensive record of their operations gives the clearest indication of the contribution that the Regiment made and includes many first hand accounts of the fighting, including the first shooting-down of a jet aircraft, the Me 262A-2a Sturmvogel in November 1944. As a result of their outstanding contributions to the success of RAF operations in WW2, the Regiment became a permanent part of the RAF.

Price: £19.95.

Contact – Hon-centurionfundsales@mod.gov.uk

Constant Vigilance

The RAF Regiment in the Burma Campaign.

The RAF Regiment was created in the early years of World War II for the active dedicated defence of RAF airfields and installations. This books concerns the Regiments operational history in South-east Asia Command and draws on the diaries and recollections of the men who served in that theatre. It is strongly supported by maps and diagrams from official records. The Regiment played a vital and significant role in the two major battles for Burma, Imphal and Meiktila. The struggle at Imphal ranks alongside Stalingrad and Alamein in its significance for the defeat of the Axis. From humble beginnings, the Regiment in Burma had by 1945 become a highly-trained specialist ground force capable of defensive and offensive action. The successes of the 14th Army were founded on the support of the transport, fighter and bomber squadrons. The RAF could not have done this as effectively without the confidence that its airfields and vital installations were safe under the constant vigilance of the RAF Regiment.

Price: £25.

Contact – Hon-centurionfundsales@mod.gov.uk


RAF Regiment Challenge Coins

We’ve all been there, an Exercise or Operation with International Colleagues, it is the end of your time together and you’ve forged bonds and relationships you wish to keep long into the future.

At that moment of saying goodbye over a drink or at a ceremony you are showered in gizzits and gifts for the tea bar wall, your desk in the office or WC..! You scramble around embarrassed wondering what to do as you have nothing to respectfully give back. Within a second or two you blanking plate is ripped from your arm with the RAF TRF and any badge the CWO allows you to affix and hope that this is enough….!


The Centurion Fund has come to your rescue and purchased as stock of quality Defence Engagement Challenge Coins for you to take with you on such an occasion.

Before you go, add them to your packing list by e-mailing us with the reason and or occasion for requiring them.

Contact – Hon-centurionfundsales@mod.gov.uk

If you have any suggestions for improvements to the Centurion Fund Shop stock please contact us via the contact page. Alternatively you can email the Enterprise team direct via Hon-centurionfundsales@mod.gov.uk.